Top 10+ hunting safety tips 

  1. Don’t go alone – hunt with a buddy or hire a guide
  2. Be alert – Have bear spray and other backup defenses ready 
  3. Gear up – Know your gear and equipment and how to use it. Be sure it’s in proper working order
  4. Get a license – Always have proper id, licenses, and any other necessary documentation. Take a hunter safety course or a refresher each year.
  5. Bring a first aid kit – and trauma kit. Get cpr certified
  6. Only hunt in designated areas for legal game – ask before entering private property
  7. Wear hunter orange – and know any other regulations for the area
  8. Unload – Keep firearms unloaded and pointed in a safe direction until time to shoot. Be aware of your target and what’s behind it. Finger off the trigger until ready to shoot!
  9. No acrobatics – Don’t run, climb, or jump with a loaded weapon
  10. Be sober – Don’t hunt under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  11. File a plan – where are you going and when will you return?
  12. Radio – Have a phone or other communication device in case you need to contact your buddy or emergency services
  13. Weather – know before you go. Be prepared to spend the night.
  14. Bring a map and compass – and know how to use them
  15. Hydrate – drink, eat, and rest regularly to keep your energy up
  16. Have proper clothing – use layers and stay warm and dry