Top 10 Kayaking Safety Tips

Top 10 kayaking safety tips 

  1. Life jacket – always wear the right type of life jacket. This can be determined by the type of boating and water conditions.
  2. File a plan – let someone know where you’re going and how long you’ll be out. Let them know what to do if you don’t return by a certain time.
  3. Don’t go alone – bring a buddy!
  4. No alcohol or drugs – never boat under the influence.
  5. Weather – know before you go
  6. Be seen – lights, reflective tape, reflectors
  7. Emergency kit – with vhf radio, cell phone too.
  8. Know the area where you’re paddling – be familiar with entry and exit points, potential hazards, and wildlife in the area.
  9. Know how to kayak – and self-rescue, practice this!
  10. Extra clothing – not just to wear for kayaking, but what will you change into should you get significantly wet or have to stay overnight. Warm and dry is best!